Making Sense (and Cents) of Working From Home

Darren Knapp, Poly

When: Monday, August 17, 9:00 AM PST

Join this fascinating session as Poly shares analyst and market insights gained over the past six months on the topic of Working From Home. Our industry is transforming in front of our eyes and there are new market challenges and opportunities. Spoiler: The nimble are winning. In this session, find out how you can leverage these insights to accelerate your business and help America make the best of a “new normal.”

Darren Knapp is Poly’s Director of Global ITSP Sales and manages Poly’s Service Provider Partner relationships from Alaska to Argentina. He started in Telecom in Y2K in the days of DSL, T1’s, and UNE Loops, and was co-founder of Reallinx–one of netsapiens’ first partners back in 2008!