Power of Purpose Webinar

David Cuthbert, Global Imprint

When: Wednesday, August 19, 11:00 AM PST

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Why Purpose and Profit Go Hand in Hand

In this webinar, we challenge our audience on their personal and professional purpose, and the implementation of this as a guiding star in their company’s growth strategies. Afterward, our audience is invited to join an inspiring 4-week challenge (e-mail) that motivates and activates company leaders to prioritize purpose.

  • Introduction David: David will explain briefly how he found his personal and professional purpose more aligned than ever before, and why there’s a need for companies to do the same if they want to stay relevant in the New Economy.
  • What is the New Economy? What does it mean for companies (B2C & B2B) and their stakeholders? We will walk them through these questions, supported by stats, data & case studies, and in the context of current events in our society (Covid-19, BLM).
  • Engage our audience with challenging questions on purpose, both personal and professional, plus we lay out 5 steps on how to implement a purpose plan.
  • End: emphasize on why purpose & profit (growth) go hand in hand (we get when we give). -Q & A, and an invitation to join the 4-week Purpose Challenge!

David Cuthbert

Founder of Global Imprint

Public service, water, building strong communities and organizations—these are all key components of David’s life. From leading Naval Special Operations teams and cloud-based technology companies to provide clean water and disaster relief as the CEO of Wine To Water, it all eventually led to starting Global Imprint.